Anna Kendrick makes cute sexy, especially when she sings in the shower in “Pitch Perfect.” She shows off her pipes in a new trailer about a college girl who deals with a case of new-kid-on-campus blues by joining a singing group.

Given the success of Fox’s hit show “Glee,” it’s impossible to avoid comparisons with this light-hearted risque comedy.

Still, the girls are hot and there’s plenty of showy performances. Kendrick helps her down-and-out a cappella singing group gain a competitive edge in a battle of college singing groups.

The movie, directed by Jason Moore, is based on a non-fiction book GQ senior editor Mickey Rapkin, who followed a cappella groups from three universities, including all the backstage shenanigans and, yes, intrigue!

The cast also includes Skylar Astin as Jesse, Anna Camp as Aubrey, Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy, Freddie Stroma as Luke and Adam DeVine as Bumper.

The trailer opens with Kendrick’s character Beca arriving for Freshman orientation and being handed her “rape whistle,” just in case. At first, she fends off an invitation to join a group.

She’s listless and feeling out of it when she starts singing naked in the shower. One of her roomies, Chloe, played by Brittany Snow barges in to her stall. She refused to cover up her “junk” until Beca sings a duet with her. Some naked stud also sticks his head in the shower.

After that it’s on to the nationals. “Pitch Perfect” is slated for release on Oct. 5. Check out the trailer.