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'Sex and the City 2' Rife With Hidden Ads, Placements

sarah-jessica-parkerIt was no coincidence that sexy Samantha jumped into that hot white Mercedes SUV during the last “Sex and the City” movie. It was one of several paid product placements. The  sequel, however, will be a virtual 90-minute commercial.

Paid product placements have been a staple, if unspoken, practice among Hollywood film studios for some time now.

Sigourney Weaver’s character wasn’t sucking down Marlboro reds during “Avatar”  for her health. Yep, even a cool, hep, environmentalist chain smokes in the 22nd century — if the studio gets paid.

“Sex and the City,” however, will provide a cornucopia of marketing placements because the movie is more about style and less about substance. Advertisers are hoping theatergoers will pick up the subtle hints from the gals.

So far, the Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema film will be featuring paid product placements by Skyy vodka, Moët & Chandon Champagne and Lipton Sparkling Surprise tea, according to The New York Times.

But in the biggest coup of all, computer maker Hewlett-Packard reportedly has cut a deal that will rip Carrie Bradshaw’s cherished Apple computer from her hands and replace it with a Windows 7 PC.

Apple has long been a symbol of hipster cool because of its unique capabilities for design and publishing. But it’s overshadowed by ubiquitous Windows-based computers for years.

Maybe Carrie is just catching up with the times — or getting older!

There’s a little something in the deal as well, for Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie.

She’ll appear in Hewlett-Packard television commercials, print ads, outdoor ads and online ads, according to the Times.

Nice deal if you can get it. But can an HP really usurp Apple cool?

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