Daniel Craig’s James Bond bites the dust in the latest 007 adventure “Skyfall,” but manages to come back from the dead to avenge the deaths of fellow MI-6 spies… and get the girl to boot, according to a new trailer.

The trailer, the first for the upcoming flick, sets the stage nicely. Bond goes through all his moves and the clip provides some great shots of Judy Dench as M, the new Q played by Ben Whishaw and a bottle-blond Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva, the evil villain.

The trailer swings into action with Bond fighting on top of a train, and M seemingly giving the order for an assassin to take him out. The shot knocks Bond from the top of the train and he takes a head-long plunge into a deep fjord. Forget the fact that no human could survive such a fall; Bond does.

M is a driving force in the movie after the identities of MI6’s spies are leaked, revealing every covert operative working in terrorist networks around the world. One by one, they start to die, and Bond has to ferret out the culprit.

The intrigue is heightened after Bond discovers some unsettling things in M’s past, and he also learns he has a connection to Raoul Silva. Bond must also deal with concerns that he has somehow “lost a step.”

Check out the trailer below: