Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were larger than life as two hot vampires, but their scandalous off-screen breakup is far more dramatic than anything they’ve done in “Twilight.” Screenwriters should have a field day.

Sure, in real life they’re not vampires with super powers, jumping up in trees, running as fast as a Ferrari or living forever. But all those things “Twilight” are mere atmospherics compared to real life.

Not only that, but, let’s just say it, this movie is far from over. With the two lovers forlorn and cast apart, the plot has taken on almost Biblical proportions; innocence, sin, and maybe redemption? As a movie, it’s only just beginning.

It’s a story about young lovers, explosive fame, and the ultimate betrayal played out against a Hollywood backdrop. It’s a story as old as Hollywood yet as fresh-faced as the young stars involved, with a celebrity obsessed society hanging on every twist and turn. Calling Lifetime!

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart: Best Love Scenes Recalled

“Twilight,” at its most fundamental is a love story, with themes of honor, chastity, virtue and eternal love. The gentle Cullen clan ultimately confronts the evil Volturi and wins the support of Jacob’s wolfpack, which also lives by a strict code of obedience and honor.

Let’s face it; this is B-rated material at best. The original film was shot on a skimpy $37 million indie budget; no one initially thought it would be anything more than a mediocre performer. The acting was stiff, and the characters, for all their whiz-bang powers, were dull.

But never underestimate the power of love. The film enthralled a generation of teens looking for a reason to believe love between two people could be deep, beautiful and eternal. Throw two physically beautiful people in the mix, and you’ve got a blockbuster.

Why Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Should End it Now

Now here’s where the real movie takes off. The two relatively unknown actors cast in the lead role brutally ditch their mates, Nikki Reed and Michael Angarano, and fall for each other. That’s a foreshadowing.

They share this incredible experience together, all the while desperately clinging to the privacy and peace the enjoyed before they were famous. But finally they succumb to fame. The media totally over-hypes the relationship; even they start to believe the fairy tale. But, hey, this is Hollywood.

Both are ambitious. Rob and Kristen just don’t want to be famous, they want to be taken seriously as actors. They go for risky parts in murky indie movies that suddenly shows how fleeting fame can be. She pushes the envelope, playing a hard ’70s rocker, and topless beat girl. He goes for gritty, villainous parts.

Inside Kristen Stewart’s Fateful Hookup With Rupert Sanders

Kristen not only wants to take risks on-screen, she wants to take risks in real life. She lands a major part in “Snow White and the Huntsman” directed by a cloying, smooth-talking Brit. In reality he’s just another Hollywood sociopath. He immediately singles out the young, gullible actress.

Shooting the movie is work; working to seduce Stewart, now that’s art. And, she falls for him! Oh, mortal sin! Foolishly, they think they can get away with it. Don’t ever underestimate the paparazzi. They’re caught in a tabloid scandal.

Okay. This movie doesn’t have an ending yet. No problem, save that for the sequel. For a small up-front fee and two points off the gross, you can have the script in a week. This movie writes itself!