Ryan Murphy’s new comedy “The New Normal” got it’s first airing during NBC’s Olympic coverage and it doesn’t seem so new. It seems more like a knock off of ABC’s “Modern Family.” When you can’t create, you duplicate.

“Modern Family” revolves around the life of Jay Prichett (Ed O’Neill) and his children, Claire (Julie Bowen) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), who is gay and living with partner Cameron (Eric Stonestreet).

The comedy series was popular right out of the gate and has been a perennial award winner at the Emmys and Golden Globes. In addition to alternate livestyles, the show also makes the most of technological changes and how that shapes human interaction.

Enter “The New Normal.” The show is about, you got it, a gay couple David (Justin Bartha) and Bryan (Andrew Rannells), who are in the market for a surrogate mother to (Georgina King) to have a baby. The story line is creating the same controversy that “Modern Family” stirred up when Mitchell and Cameron adopted a Vietnamese orphan. What a coincidence.

David and Bryan, of course, are surrounded by eccentric family members. Ellen Barkin is the token bigot as Goldie’s grandmother Jane. Bebe Woods plays Goldie’s smart-mouthed daughter Shania, and NeNe Leakes is Rocky, Bryan’s equally loud-mouthed assistant and comic foil.

Expect the story lines to also be remarkably like “Modern Family’s.” The show premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 9.30pm Eastern. Check out the trailer below.