Arnold Schwarzenegger is back. The over-the-hill action hero returns in the lead role of a film for the first time since “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” in 2003. In a new trailer, he evokes John Wayne’s wizened appeal, with an Austrian accent, of course.

Arnold plays a small-town sheriff who suddenly is confronted with a big problem. “It should be a slow weekend,” he says in classic understatement.

Someone with an everyday name like Ray Owens keeping the peace in Podunk, who speaks with an imperial Austrian accent, strains credibility a bit. But hey, it’s Arnold. Back off already.

Anyway, Sheriff Owens’ hope for a peaceful weekend is about to be shattered.

He gets a harried call from FBI Special Agent John Bannister, played by Forest Whitaker. “We have a situation. We’ve got a cartel with heavy firepower headed toward the border. And, there’s a good chance they’re coming your way.”

Arnold delivers some lines that are sure to become cult classics. “I’ve seen enough blood and death to know what’s coming,” he growls with a steely brow. “I’m not gonna let that guy come through our town without a fight.”

The movie is loaded with car chases, crash scenes and enough explosions and enough automatic gunfire to take over a small Third-World country.

Sylvester Stallone blew the film market wide open for over-the-hill action stars with his hit movie “The Expendables.” Since then, actors like Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis and others have become bankable stars, again.

Arnold had a part in Stallone’s “The Expendables 2,” but he’s carrying this picture on his own. Hey, if Clint Eastwood can do it, why not him. If he can make this movie a hit, he’s back in business. Fortunately, he’s got a solid supporting cast.

Along with Whitaker, Eduardo Noriega stars as escaped drug kingpin Gabriel Cortez, with Peter Stormare, Rodrigo Santoro, Jaimie Alexander, Zach Gilford, Johnny Knoxville and Genesis Rodriguez.

Check out the clip below: