Vanessa Hudgens is enticing bait for a serial killer in Scott Walker movie Frozen Ground. A new trailer shows her in action as a stripper who becomes key to capturing the killer in this take off of true events.

Hudgens teams with Nicolas Cage, who plays police Sgt. Jack Halcombe and John Cusack, who gives a chilling portrayal of serial killer Robert Hansen.

Hansen, who is now 73, terrorized Anchorage, Alaska between 1980 and 1983. He is believed to have murdered as many as 21 women. He was convicted in 1983 and is currently serving 461 years in prison.

Check out Vanessa’s screen stills; click to enlarge.

Hudgen’s character, a 17-year-old stripper named Cindy Paulson, was intended to be one of Hansen’s victims. But she escapes his clutches and teams with Halcombe to snare the murderer. She’s just as determined to bring the serial killer to justice as the police.

Hansen had been in and out of trouble for petty crimes most of his adult life when he landed in Alaska in 1967. He led a seemingly normal life with a wife and two kids, working as a baker. He was arrested in 1977, however, for stealing a chain saw and was diagnosed with a bi-polar disorder.

In the meantime, Anchorage police began discovering the bodies of murdered women and believed they had a serial killer on their hands. The case came together in June 1983 when Hansen kidnapped Paulson.

He offered to pay her for oral sex. When she agreed and got into his car, he pulled a gun and drove her to his house, where he raped and sexually assaulted her.

He was taking her to the airport to fly her in a small plane to a remote hunting shack when she bolted from the car and was able to flag-down a passing truck. The driver called police and they tracked Paulson to a hotel. From there, they bigan closing the loop on the murderer. In all, Hansen’s killing spree went on for 13 years.

The trailer shows some racy shots of Hudgens performing a pole dance as the mass murderer looks on. This may be Hudgens’ best role yet. Cusack is scary as the killer. Check out the trailer below. The film debuts Nov. 30.