Noomi Rapace, who wowed audiences in Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” gets kinky with Rachel McAdams in the new trailer for Brian De Palma’s thriller “Passion.”

McAdams, who last appeared in “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” and “Midnight in Paris,” brings a lot of the heat in the trailer.

She plays Christine, a ruthless, sadistic business executive who enjoys using people and putting them in impossible situations for her own twisted pleasure.

Rapace, the Swedish actress who starred in the original Swedish version of millennium trilogy “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” plays her submissive assistant, Isabelle, who is intrigued and intimidated by Christine’s power games and sexual advances.

“Conscientious, bright, extremely driven; we make a really good team,” Christine says.

“What do you want?” Isabelle asks when the two are ensconced in a limo.

“Well, I used to want to be admired,” Christine replies.

“I admire you,” Isabelle responds.

“Now I want to be loved,” says the executive. Checkmate.

“Come closer,” she says. “Now kiss me.”

But little does Christine know that she is also being played. Her boyfriend, Philippe, is cheating on her with Isabelle.

Things spiral out of control when Christine discovers accounting irregularities involving her company and Philippe’s, leading her to blackmail him.

The film is a remake of “Crime d’amour” (Love Crime), a 2010 French psychological suspense thriller that starred Ludivine Sagnier as Christine and Kristin Scott Thomas as Isabelle.

The trailer was released today (Aug. 23) in advance of the Toronto International Film Festival, where it’s in competition. It will also be featured at the Venice Film Festival.

Check out the trailer below: