Dragon“How to Train Your Dragon” is still generating plenty of heat at the box office, after retaking the No 1. spot this weekend and pushing back Jennifer Lopez’s “The Back-up Plan,” according to studio and industry estimates

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be No. 1 in the fifth week,” said Anne Globe, head of worldwide marketing for DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc, the studio that produced “Dragon.”

It was not a big week for films. The overall box office was under $100 million, the lowest so far this year, according to Hollywood.com.

Although Lopez’s romantic-comedy, her first film in four years, was generally panned by critics, it still had a decent showing with $12.3 million.

“The Back-up Plan,” which cost $35 million to make briefly held the No. 1 spot on Friday, as date-nighters flocked to see it. But weekend matinees, which typically draw families, put Dragon back on top.

That put it at No. 2 in the box office sweepstakes just behind Dragon, which scored $15 million, off just 23 percent from last week.

Dragon’s finish suggests it is benefiting from word-of-mouth advertising as theatergoers recommend it to their friends.

Action comedy “The Losers” opened this weekend at No. 4, below expectations with $9.6 million, and apparently is on its way to flopville.

“Date Night,” a romantic comedy pulled in $10.6 million, roughly down 37 percent, to come in at the No. 3 spot for the third weekend since it’s release.

“Romantic comedies have been over-performing this year and in the second and third and fourth week, Jenifer Lopez films tend to over-perform and have great legs, as does Jennifer herself I might add,” said Steven Friedlander, executive vice president, distribution, for CBS Films.

Among other top ten finishers, “The Losers,” starring Chris Evans, Zoe Saldana, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Idris Elba, finished fourth.
It’s based on a comic book series about a U.S. special forces team.

“Kick-Ass,” last week’s box office champ, fell sharply pulling in $9.5 million, a drop of 52 percent, suggesting viewers were bad-mouthing the film. “Kick Ass” edged Dragon last week.

Here is this week’s Top Ten Box Office.

Wknd Total
1. How to Train Your Dragon (5 wks)               15.0                   178.0
2. The Back-Up Plan (1 wk)                           12.3                      12.3
3. Date Night (3 wks)                                   10.6                      63.5
4. The Losers (1 wk)                                     9.6                         9.6
5. Kick-Ass (2 wks)                                       9.5                     34.9
6. Clash of the Titans (4 wks)                         9.0                    145.6
7. Death at a Funeral (2 wks)                         8.0                    28.4
8. Oceans (1 wk)                                          6.0                        8.5
9. The Last Song (4 wks)                               3.7                     55.4
. Alice in Wonderland (8 wks)                       2.2                         327.5

Source: Boxofficemojo