Bruce Willis’s movie career is taking on all the resiliency of his action/adventure characters who are routinely blown up, shot up and beat up, but never die. The same can be said for the latest in his Die Hard series, according to a new trailer.

Willis reprises cop and reluctant hero John McClane in Director John Moore’s directed “A Good Day To Die Hard.”

The film is likely to get a substantial boost from Willis’s outstanding performance in the sci-fi film “Looper,” with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He plays Levitt’s character 30 years in the future who is sent back in time to be eliminated by his younger self, a hitman for organized crime.

Looper is doing for the 57-year-old actor in 2012 what “Pulp Fiction” did in 1994; showing off his acting talent and breathing new life into his career. “The Expendables” and “Expandables 2” also proved he’s still a highly bankable star. So much so, he has three new films in pre-production.

The Die Hard movies, however, have been all his own, and the fifth installment is a sure sign that distributor 20th Century Fox and producers Dune Entertainment, Media Magik Entertainment and Origo Film Group, all believe he can bring it on at the box office.

Willis starred in his first Die Hard film in 1988, so the question is has he lost any of his game?

In this installment, McClane travels to Moscow to help his son Jack and gets snared in a terrorist plot that led to his son’s arrest. The trailer opens with a little scene-setting that foreshadows plenty of high tech weaponry, explosions and ball-busting stunts.

Then, all hell breaks loose. Check out the trailer and click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more film and movie updates.

Footnote: The clip offers a brief glimpse of Yuliya Snigir who sizzles as Irina. The Russian actress and model, 19, gets her first big American break in the film.