Daniel Day-Lewis and “Lincoln” Director Steven Spielberg will discuss their upcoming bio-pic of the 16th president in a live-stream Q&A tonight (Oct. 10), following the movie’s rousing reception at The New York Film Festival.

Spielberg said he doesn’t want his film to become a “political football,” even though he’s an ardent Obama supporter, and purposely delayed its release until after the elections in Novembers.

Viewers of the live stream event, courtesy of Yahoo! movies, can tweet questions about his decision and other facets of the movie, using the hashtag #LincolnMovie.

The film focuses on the last months of Lincoln’s life as he campaigns to convince Congress to adopt the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which would abolish slavery throughout the United States. The amended was enacted after his death in 1865.

Lincoln believed his actions would end the Civil War, unite the country and abolish slavery once and for all for millions of slaves and untold generations yet to be born. The legacy of his actions still echoes today.

A trailer for the movie released Oct. 4 opens with scenes of soldiers in Iraq, South African Leader Nelson Mandela, women suffragettes, Mahatma Gandhi, scenes from World War II and a memorial to Sept. 11.

Day-Lewis can be heard in a voice over: “Do you think we choose to be born? Or do we fit into the times we were born into?”

The movie is already being talk about as a Best Picture Oscar contender while Day-Lewis is considered to be an odds-on contender for a best actor nomination.

“Lincoln” will go into limited release on Nov. 9, three days after the election. A nationwide rollout will follow on Nov. 16. Check out the livestream below and the latest trailer; the live Q&A begins at 9:35 pm eastern, 6:35 pm Pacific time. Click below to go.