Miley Cyrus gets another shot at the big-screen in her upcoming film “So Undercover.” In a new trailer for the movie, Miley is a sassy private investigator who gets recruited by the FBI to keep tabs on a former mobster’s daughter. If you like Miley, you’ll love this film.

Hopefully the film, set for a holiday release in December, will fare better than her last outing in “LOL: Laughing Out Loud.”

“LOL” and “So Undercover,” along with the somewhat more successful 2010 film “The Last Song,” were Miley’s attempt to break away from her Disney Hannah Montana image. But LOL, a coming of age comedy-drama-romance, got deep-sixed by its studio.

It opened overseas in India and Singapore before its limited release in the United States. The film was able to recoup its $11 million budget only after solid DVD sales. But it hurt Cyrus’ image as a box office draw. In contrast, her Hannah Montana film grossed $155.5 million worldwide.

In “So Undercover,” Miley’s character, Molly Morris, is a martial arts expert and handy with wisecrack, but she must pose as a sophisticated university student to maintain her cover. That means navigating all the travails of college, from beer parties and sororities to bikini car washes and sex-hungry classmates.

Jeremy Piven plays FBI agent Armon, who recruits Miley to protect the agency’s top witness, Alex, played by Lauren McKnight, who happens to be a snotty diva. The film also stars Kelly Osbourne, Mike O’Malley and Josh Bowman.

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