Robert Pattinson’s role as Eric Packer in “Cosmopolis” took him on a surreal journey into the dark side of high finance, decadence and sexual deviancy in a not-too-distant future. Now you can relive it, over and over, on DVD and Blu-ray.

Despite being one of biggest departures in Rob’s career, far from his well-known role as “Twilight” vampire Edward Cullen, very few people have actually seen the film.

“Cosmopolis” studio Entertainment One limited the release in the United States so sharply, it only grossed $1 million domestically an $5.3 million overseas. The Blu-ray and DVD presentations will be the first opportunity for millions of fan to see the film.

Director David Cronenberg’s gritty theatrical adaptation of the 2003 book by Don DeLillo won praise at the Cannes Film Festival where it debuted and drew raves from a cross-section of international critics, from Variety to Le Monde, Le Figaro, Premiere, Corriere della Serra and La Repubblica.

Plus, the film sports an all-star cast that includes Juliette Binoche, Jay Baruchel, Samantha Morton, Paul Giamatti and Kevin Durand.

Packer’s journey began with a simple limousine ride across Manhattan to get a haircut at the barber shop frequented by his father. But he’s quickly detoured into a netherworld of sex, corruption and depravity, where his own life ultimately on the line. Meanwhile, his carefully constructed financial deal is unraveling as a huge currency bet begins to go south.

The film is an opportunity to see Pattinson in a cinematic tour de force with an all-star cast, plus all the other features usually included with DVD and Blu-ray releases. Although the discs won’t be released until Jan. 1, is accepting preorders starting today (Oct. 22). Click on the link above to buy your copy and save 30 percent over the retail price.