Kim Cattrall, who gave new meaning to promiscuous as Samantha on HBO’s “Sex and the City,” is returning to television in a new series about a woman in her 50s who is going through a midlife crisis. But don’t count on seeing it in the United States.

Cattrall has landed a deal to produce and star in the series on television in Canada. No U.S. network would touch the show, apparently because of its focus on someone outside their key 18-to-49 demographic.

The show, however, is based on the popular British television series “Sensitive Skin,” which aired in 2005 and ran for two seasons on BBC 2. Cattrall, 56, has been trying to get the show on the air for the past four years, according to

Now, Canada’s Movie Central and The Movie Network have agreed to air six episodes. Cattrall and Don McKellar will star in the production. McKellar will also direct. The companies plan to shop for a U.S. network to air the show as well.

Cattrall came close to getting the show on HBO, but the deal never panned out.

Most of the actress’s work has been in television, with her role as racy Samantha Jones in “Sex and the City,” her most celebrated. She won a Golden Globe for her performance as a supporting actress in 2003.

She also famously starred in the 1982’s “Porky,” a coming of age comedy about teenagers who set out to lose their virginity at a strip club in 1950s America. The film has become a cult classic and led to two sequels, 1983’s “Porky’s II: The Next Day” and 1985’s “Porky’s Revenge!”

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