Actress Lucy Liu continues to dazzle at 43 in a stunning new photo spread in More magazine, hot on the heels of the release of her new film, “The Man with the Iron Fists,” a martial arts film starring Russell Crowe, Cung Le and Byron Mann.

Liu plays Madam Blossom, the owner of the Pink Blossom brothel in the small village where most of the film takes place.

Liu’s character is a dominant figure, described as the queen of the village. Liu wanted it that way and convince Director RZA to let her fight Cung Le’s Bronze Lion in one scene.

Lucy Liu an Exotic Beauty in More Mag

The request is in keeping with Liu’s fiery personality. Although she is known for her beauty and delicate features, she says she was a “tomboy” growing up in New York City.

“I grew up as a tomboy, and if you’ve seen photographs of me as a child, you see my mother cut all of my hair off,” she told Michigan Avenue magazine in a recent interview. “I was not considered feminine at all and boys did not look at me.

“I was a toothpick. Up until junior high school, when I really started developing,” she said.

But things changed in college. She attended New York University, but transferred to Michigan State, where she earned a degree in Asian Studies.

“In college, I suddenly felt like I understood more about myself and started making choices on my own,” she said.

I was smart, I could hang with the guys-I could fall into my own niche category…. But I find that if somebody finds me beautiful, it melts my heart because it’s not something I heard most of the time growing up ever,” she said.

There’s no doubt about her exotic beauty now. She poses for photographer Emre Guven in sophisticated evening wear by Michael Kors, Zac Posen and Roberto Cavalli selected by stylist by Jonny Lichtenstein.

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