Brad Pitt’s war to end all zombie wars starts innocently enough with a traffic jam in New York City, according to the long awaited first full trailer from his film epic “World War Z.” But things quickly deteriorate from there. Somebody is making a muck of things.

A lone helicopter passes overhead, then one thing leads to another as cops rush ahead to the scene of the disturbance, cars explode and full on zombie war breaks out.

Hordes of the brain-dead swarm looking to feast on fellow humans as Brad’s character, Gerry Lane, a U.N. employee commissioner travels the world, interviewing survivors of the Zombie apocalypse. The disease born affliction fuels suspicion among long time government rivals and triggers hostilities all over the world as the little understood plague is spread.

The movie is based on “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War,” a post-apocalyptic horror novel by Max Brooks. It’s told through recollections much like oral histories of real wars.

The horror flick has a gargantuan $125 million budget by genre standards and was film in several locations in Europe. So far most of the reaction has been to the scale of the production. Director Marc Forster, who counts James Bond flick “Quantum of Solace” among his credits, helmed the picture.

The cast includes Mireille Enos as Lane’s wife, James Badge Dale as Captain Speke, who “tries to warn the government that zombies are real, Lucy Aharish as a young Palestinian woman, Julia Levy-Boeken and Matthew Fox.

It’s set for release in June 2013. Check out the trailer below and click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more film and movie updates.