Josh-JuliannaCBS’s “The Good Wife,” since its debut last September, has emerged as a die-hard winner, critically and commercially. The scripts have been just terrific, sometimes, with so many plots going on, you have to pay close attention.

You know the plot, sort of Eliot Spitzer-ish, with outstanding work from Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles and Chris Noth.

I think the thing that stands out so much about this show is the fact that most of the storylines are based on true stories.

My new TV fave-actor Ken Conway (so good on “Law And Order’s Criminal Intent” several weeks back) returned to Tuesday night’s episode and was better than ever.

The episode, “Boom,” contained so many plot points, it was, at times, a challenge to follow. But, it ranked among the show’s best.

Alan Cumming, who plays Eli Gold, was just added to the show full-time for next season, and it’s easy to see why; he’s stunningly terrific.

I believe that this is the first new show to have been instantly renewed. It’s a terrific show that shoots mostly in New York and Brooklyn, even though it’s based in Chicago.

The show is exec-produced by brothers Ridley and Tony Scott and their high caliber of care is evident throughout.

If you haven’t seen this show, make it a point to do so; it’s that good!

Footnote: Even though I’ve become a huge fan of ABC’s “Flash Forward,” it has not done well in the ratings and is among the top shows on the bubble, meaning it may or may not be renewed. Stay tuned.

Buck Rogers Returns to the 21st Century


Futuristic comic book hero Buck Rogers is making another comeback.

This time Paul W.S. Anderson is directing from a script by “Iron Man” co-writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway.

The character is the latest classic hero –including Conan the Barbarian, the Green Hornet, Doc Savage, Dan Dare, even Popeye – to have bowed in comic books between the ’30s and the ’50s.

Only now are they being reintroduced on the big screen; Buck Rogers premiered in 1928. Go Buck!

Music Pioneer Glenn Frisca Set to Return

Glenn Frisca

Glenn Frisca

Remember Glenn Friscia? Glenn has been a mainstay in the recording industry for more than twenty years.

Glenn was the resident DJ on WQHT’s “Original Saturday Night Dance Party” for 11 years, where he broadcast live from clubs all over the tri-state area.

He’s also played at some of New York’s legendary clubs, including The Palladium, Emerald City, Limelight, Roseland, Club USA, Tunnel, Expo and Mirage.

After ‘QHT, Glenn headed to WKTU for an amazing seven-year run. He’s mixed records for the likes of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Jordan Sparks, Chris Brown, Danity Kane, Diddy and Nelly Furtado.

He also played at events for the likes of Madonna and Calvin Klein.

He’s currently working on several new projects we’ll tell you about in future dispatches. Cheers Glenn!

Short Takes

Vince Curatola, from “The Sopranos,” will be on the final “Law And Order: Criminal Intent” episode. It will shoot next month and will be called, “The Mobster Will See You Now.”

* * *

Micky Dolenz’s Carole King tribute album, “King For A Day” will be out via Gigatone/SONY on August 24. I’ve heard it, and his duet with Emily Osment on “I Feel The Earth Move” sizzles. It is indeed a record for people who love good music. More on this next column.

* * *

The new Halston movie, “Ultrasuede, In Search of Halston,” is set to unspool at the Tribeca Film Festival Friday (Apr. 30). I can’t wait to catch it.

* * *

How about Sandra Bullock adopting infant Luis Barado? Amazing. Her personal life is trashed over by her husband, motorhead Jesse James, but not a word about this leaked until this week. Apparently, she will move on as a single mom. God bless her and, good luck!

Names in the News

Sal Richards, Joel Diamond, Chris Gilman, Athene Noelle, Scott Shannon, Tom Cuddy, Tim Gleason, Susan Blond, Race Taylor, Matt Sucich; Chloe, Fay, Danny Fried, Keisha and James Edstrom.