Alexia Fast, a former child actress, is best known for television movies, but she hits the big-screen next month in the Tom Cruise movie “Jack Reacher.” She’s grown up, by the way. Just check out her hot Esquire photos.

Alexia, 20, plays Sandy in the movie, a small part, but still a big step up for the Canadian actress, who speaks English and French fluently.

She has show business roots. Her mother is a television and movie producer and her father is a songwriter. She produced, directed and starred in her first movie at age seven. But had to lie and say she was nine to get it in the Atlantic Film Festival, according to the magazine.

Alexia Fast Shows Off Her Sexy Gifts

If you’re a fan of the CW Network or Lifetime movies, you may already know the willowy five-foot, nine-inch tall actress. She’s also best known for her role in movies like 2010’s “Triple Dog,” and 2012’s “Last Kind Words” and “Blackbird.”

She’ll next be starring on ABC’s upcoming series “Red Widow.” She calls her character “a very shallow hippie chick … a troublemaker.”

Her film resume as a child actress goes back to 2005 when she appeared as a 13-year-old in the television movie “His and Her Christmas,” which apparently makes her a perfect choice for Esquire’s Christmas Elf. She’s helping the magazine distribute gifts in the December issue.

“I’m a big fan of snow and Christmas lights and tea and chocolate and friends,” she says.

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