Martin Freeman as young Bilbo Baggins has his first encounter the wiry Gollum in a new trailer for the upcoming movie “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.” Bilbo wants to find a way out of Gollum’s slimy lair, but Gollum has other plans for the Hobbit.

“Oh, we like goblinses, batses, and fishes, but we haven’t tried Hobbits,” says the wiry creature, played by Andy Serkis. “But we haven’t tried Hobbits yet. Tell me is it soft? Is it juicy?”

As Gollum presses in perilously close, Bilbo draws his sword and begins waving it wildly. “Keep your distance! I will use this if I have to,” he threatens.

Bilbo has the upper hand and Gollum backs off. The Hobbit demands to know a safe way out of the cave, and Gollum assures him that he knows one.

Then, he reveals his curious habit of talking to himself and speaking in the third person, mainly because he doesn’t have anyone else to talk to.

Gollum figures prominently all through the J.R.R Tolkien trilogy. The movie opens domestically Dec. 14. It premiered Nov. 28 in Wellington, New Zealand.

The film has drawn complaints from some moviegoers over its experimental 48-frames-per-second film speed, which is twice as fast as the normal speed. The change is supposed to make the movie images sharper and improve the 3D experience. But some say it causes nausea and headaches.

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