Rinko Kikuchi in ‘Pacific Rim.’

Guillermo Del Toro puts a new spin on classic science fiction films based on giant monsters like “Godzilla.” The trailer for his new film, “Pacific Rim,” pays suitable homage to the genre, while one-upping it with modern special effects.

“Godzilla” was first released in 1954 and endlessly recreated after that in Japanese films. The premise for “Pacific Rim” is surprisingly the same. Giant monsters rise out of the sea and wreak havoc on humanity.

The telling comes down to the technology. It’s all about how humans fight back. Technology ultimately triumphs over nature, not that the monsters have much to do with nature here on earth.

In the old films, the creatures were horrific mutations caused by excessive radiation from the era’s real monsters, atom bombs. Del Toro’s monsters climb through a time portal from space deep in the Pacific Ocean.

There really isn’t any overall theme to the movie. It’s just about a lot of stuff getting wrecked before the monsters get a giant thumping by humanoids. Basically they’re a cross between transformers and power rangers. Expect to see them on toy shelves next Christmas.

The film is targeting the summer blockbuster circuit with a July release date next year. It’s being shot in 3D and IMAX, natch. The stars of this movie are the special effects, so don’t be too surprised by the nameless cast.

The most recognizable is probably Ron Perlman, best known for playing Vincent, the beast in the TV series “Beauty and the Beast” (1987-1990) and the lead in the “Hell Boy” movies. He’ll appear with English actor Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, Charlie Day, Robert Kazinsky and Max Martini.

But the fabulous Rinko Kikuchi will provide the eye-candy. She’s the first Japanese actor in 50 years to be nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actress in the 2006 film “Babel.” She’ll also appear in the Keanu Reeves film “47 Ronin” next year.

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