Samuel L. Jackson apparently forgot where he was for a moment during a skit on Saturday Night Live with Kenan Thompson and F-bombed during the skit’s closing sequence. It went out over the air as well as another curse.

The problem may have been that Jackson was supposed to be playing himself as a guest on a Black Entertainment Network show called “What Up With That?”

He apparently got a little too much into character. Being the great actor that he is, of course, he played the part full on.

“Well, we out of time!” I want to thank my guest, the incredible Samuel L. Jackson,” Kenan said.

As Kenan pointed to his right, the camera shifted to Jackson, and the “Django Unchained” star bellow Man! Fu*k!

The camera quickly shot back Thompson, who looked surprised. He started to continue with his part, but could only get out an “I also…” before Jackson bellowed: “It’s a bullsh*t!

“C’mon, Sam, hey, c’mon now, Thompson replied. “That costs money.”

Indeed, networks can be fined for profanity that’s uttered on a show and goes out over the air. But since SNL is on late at night, it probably won’t face repercussions.

Jackson tried to minimize the damage by tweeting, “I only said FUH not FUCK! K was sposed to cut off da BULLSHIT, blew it!!”

So it was Kenan’s fault. Check out the clip segment and the full skit via NBC video.