arnold-thelaststandArnold is back… Schwarzenegger that is. The former California governor, who screwed up his state and botched his marriage, returns to the big-screen as a tired small-town sheriff up against some pretty big thugs in a new teaser for “The Last Stand.”

Arnold got his feet wet again as an actor in Sylvester Stallone’s 2010 ensemble action film “The Expendables.”

The movie was a hit and opened the door to new opportunities for over-the-hill action heroes.

Arnold tries to go it alone as Ray Owens and ex-LAPD officer, who has seen better days. He’s now a small town sheriff. When a Mexican drug cartel attempts to over-run his town, it’s up to him to take a stand.

The 28-second teaser clip debuted today (Jan. 3) on MTV and shows Schwarzenegger’s character trapped in an abandoned school bus. He decides to make a run for it through withering gunfire. He’s miraculously unscathed, even though at 62, he lumbers rather than runs down a street.

“Thor” star Jaimie Alexander provides the eye-candy as colleague Sarah Torrance.

Like most of Arnold’s movies, this one is laced with comic relief, despite its violence. When Owens crashes through a window, he finds himself face-to-face with stunned diners. After a pregnant pause, the cashier says matter-of-factly: “How are you, sheriff?”

Arnold doesn’t try to hide his age in the film. After picking himself up off the floor he shoots back: “Old.”

The movie hits theaters on Jan. 17. Check out the teaser and follow TheImproper on Twitter for all the latest film and movie updates.