courteneycox-cougartownCourteney Cox has never done a nude scene and has no intention of doing one at 48, even though she’s still hot enough to whet the libidos of every other young dude like she does on her show.

Cox set off an Internet storm, yesterday, when she said told reporters at the Television Critics Association winter tour that she was ready to bare all now that the program is on cable.

“You will not see one scene that I don’t show my boobs,” she said. Was Courteney feeling suddenly liberated after playing an uptight character on her long-running show “Friends.”

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Here’s what Courteney had to say: “You know what? I’m getting older, so I’ve decided at this point I’m taking less focus [on] the face, and focusing here,” [pointing to her breasts]. “By the time I’m much older, I will just be absolutely nude. I think it’s [going to] work for me, I hope.”

Alas, she was joking. No nudity will be shown on the show by anyone, let alone Cox, according to executive producer, Bill Lawrence. But “Cougar Town” will definitely be playing by new rules.

Hit cable shows like HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” are laced with racy nude scenes. So much so, traditional networks charge that cable has an unfair advantage because of its less stringent production code.

While “Cougar Town” won’t go that far out of the gate, Lawrence hinted that it will ramp up it’s sexual quotient.

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“There is one difference,” he said. “I think I’m allowed to say … Courteney did declare this the year of her cleavage.”

The sitcom focuses on Courteney’s character, a 44-year-old successful business who is trying to re-enter the dating pool after a divorce. The show is actually named after the high school football team, The Cougars, but, right, you get the double meaning.

It makes the move from ABC to TBS on Jan. 8

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