allisonwilliams-dunhamAllison Williams, daughter of uptight NBC News anchor Brian Williams, seemingly had her worst nightmare come true as an actress. Her grandparents tuned in to watch her hit show “Girls” and caught her steamy masturbation scene.

Williams became an Internet meme during the show’s first season. Her sexual act is still widely talked about as the show enters its second season.

Turns out, having the grandparents tune in wasn’t so bad. “I don’t know why I was so concerned… They have been alive for virtually 90 years, so who am I to presume that sex never existed before me?” she told the UK’s Company magazine.

Allison Williams Funky for Company


Her character Marnie has her own hangups. She ends up in the bathroom after breaking up with her long-time boyfriend. “There were moments reading the script that I thought, ‘WOW, okay!'” she says. “It’s the most private thing anyone can do.”

The show, created and written by Lena Dunham, has won critical raves and scooped up two Golden Globes earlier this week.

The second season premiered Jan. 13 and picked up right where last season ended. Hannah (Dunham), in the arms of her bisexual ex-boyfriend and new roommate, Elijah Krantz, (Andrew Rannells) suffers the ultimate put down.

“I’m sorry I have a boner,” Elijah tells her. “It’s not for you.”

Marnie is downsized out of her art gallery job only to find out she got the ax because her boss slept with her male co-worker.

No subject is taboo. During one scene, , Marnie and Elijah are commiserating over sing Sarah McLachlan’s moody song “Building a Mystery.”

“I could never be a gay man,” Marnie tells him. “I hate anal sex. I assume.” Wonder how that grabbed gramps?

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