For months speculation has run rampant about a possible off-screen romance between “Twilight” stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. But Stewart has finally confirmed that whatever characters Bella Swan and Edward Cullen have on screen doesn’t exist between the two stars off screen.

“The whole rumor tabloid stuff is so obviously false to me, and I knew it was false even before I became a part of it,” Stewart says.

She adds that the rumors about the two of them have “been like some sort of ridiculous show. It’s like a soap opera, but filled with false realism. “I don’t take it personally,” she says. “It might seem real to fans, but it isn’t.”

For his part, Rob has acknowledged repeatedly that he is a little bit clumsy when it comes to romance. “I can’t think of a single romantic thing that I’ve ever done [romantically],” he says.

“I would never serenade someone to be romantic – you have to have so much balls to do that. I put a flower in someone’s locker when I was 15 years old, this girl called Maria. She thought that it was someone else and the other guy claimed it as well, which is great.”

Co-star Taylor Lautner, who plays a major role as werewolf Jacob Black in “New Moon” has had his own romance rumors to contend with. He’s been reported to be dating country singer Taylor Swift. “The very funny thing is all of you have seen every single move I make. I can leave that up to you to decide,” he said.

While the stars have been reticent to discuss any aspect of their personal relationships, they have their own ideas about the love triangle between Bella Edward and Jacob. Edward’s leaves Bella during the upcoming sequel “New Moon.”

It’s every teen’s worst nightmare — the day your steady dumps you — and the stars talked about the unnatural romance between a human and a vampire.

“For Bella in this film, Edward leaving her is like physical withdrawal. She is an addict when it comes to this boy. I have a breakup scene with Rob in the movie, but that’s not what intimidated me. It was the absence of him that was scary,” Kristen said during a news conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles.

“What really helped was people’s anticipation of the movie and the fans’ idea of what Edward and Bella’s relationship was for them, which was some kind of ideal,” Rob added. “I was breaking up the ideal relationship,” he says. “I felt a lot of the weight behind that because I was doing something seismic.

“I could feel the audience watching it before they could even see the movie.”

The plot in Stephenie Myers’ book presented a problem for the film makers, because Edward has a very limited role. That caused some initial concerns for Rob.

“I was so worried that there would be a back story where he was in South America just moping. It would have been terrifying for me and mortifying for the film,” Pattinson says.

Nonetheless, Rob says he wanted to stay true to the story. “I fought to keep him as limited as possible. He’s not in the book as much,” he says. “I didn’t want to do voiceover either, because that could be very cheesy.”

Director Chris Weitz explained: “You didn’t want too much Edward because then you lose the important sense of missing him. But everyone loves Rob. When Bella hallucinated, she could see Robert, which was a subtle way to ghost him and try to come up with something quite special.” “We found a happy medium.” Rob added.