MeganFox-thisis40-frontPaul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Melissa McCarthy and other cast members from Judd Apatow’s comedy “This is 40,” are funnier than ever in a new blooper reel. It’s pretty raunchy. In fact, Apatow should have canned the movie and released the bloopers.

Critics gave the movie so-so reviews, generating just 50 percent rating on rottentomatoes, which tracks movie reviews.

“Overlong, unnecessarily sex-obsessed and downright nasty at times, ‘This Is 40’ feels haphazard and unfinished, despite a few moments of laugh-out-loud humor,,” wrote Michael O’Sullivan of The Washington Post.

Megan Fox is particularly hilarious. Maybe she was miscast, after all, in all those “Transformer” movies. Comedy seems to be her thing. In a separate deleted scene, she tortures Jason Segel and Chris O’Dowd, who want desperately to get in her pants.

The blooper video was released today by the website FunnyOrDie. O’Dowd cracks up Fox in one scene where he and Segal are vying for her attention. Another scene. Check out the video below, but wait for the movie to come out on HBO.

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