cruise-lopezIs there a movie in the making? Tom Cruise reprised his “Tropic Thunder” movie mogul character Les Grossman for the MTV Movie Awards, including a rockin’ bust out with Jennifer Lopez. They danced to her song “Get Right.”

Cruise’s Grossman character opened the show and was used in promos, featuring Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Will Smith and his son.

He proved to be wildly popular, almost begging for someone to make a full-blown movie around the character.

In Ben Stiller’s “Tropic Thunder” Cruise went virtually unrecognized throughout the movie and was not promoted as part of the cast beforehand.

He nearly stole the movie with his, hilarious, eccentric characterization.

Cruise is currently promoting his upcoming movie “Knight and Day,” which costars Cameron Diaz. He and Diaz also presented an award.

The video also includes a skit by Ed Helms, who sang as “Hangover” costar Ken Jeong did a dance. Cruise and Lopez follow.