Emma Stone voices the character Eep in the animated feature 'The Croods.'

Emma Stone voices the character Eep in the animated feature ‘The Croods.’

Emma Stone, Nicholas Cage and Catherine Keener worked the red carpet at “The Croods” premiere in New York City on Sunday (Mar. 10).

Stone, 24, said she feels like a human cartoon most of the time, so she felt good about appearing in a movie as a real cartoon.

The animated feature, which stars Ryan Reynolds, is about a prehistoric family that is forced to leave home after a disaster threatens their lives. Reynolds plays teen son nomadic teen, Guy, who prefers using his brain over brute strength.

Crood dad Grug (Cage) has a penchant for doing things the hard way, while daughter Eep (Stone) is a little too curious and outgoing for her own good. The family must go on a long trek to find a safer land.

Emma Stone’s Natural Beauty Shines Through

“She is ready to break out of the cave and stop living in the dark. I mean that literally and metaphorically. I think we can all relate,” she said on the red carpet.

“The message is one we all need to remember on a daily basis to live within the moment. And, really live, don’t just survive,” she added.

Blake Lively, who married Reynolds last year, stood in the wings out of sight as the rest of the cast walked the red carpet. Stone was also there without her boyfriend Andrew Garfield. They met while starring in last year’s Spider Man reboot.

Since her break out role in 2011’s “The Help,” Stone’s work schedule has gotten even heavier. She’ll appear in “Gangster Squad” and black comedy “Movie 43″this year along with the Croods. And, she’s gearing up to film a sequel to Spider Man.

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