Rose Leslie plays the fierce, but seductive Ygritte, a wilding on Game of Thrones.

Rose Leslie plays the fierce, but seductive Ygritte, a wilding on Game of Thrones.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are at the center of the action as Jon Snow and Ygritte in a new “Game of Thrones” featurette. It explores the strange world of the Wildings. They live in Westeros, but that’s about the only thing they share in common with the Seven Kingdoms.

They occupy a vast expanse of land north of a massive wall that separates them from the Seven Kingdoms. They live in clans both more savage and in some ways more civilized than their more advanced counterparts.

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In the complex web of characters that George R.R. Martin created in his books, the Wildings live in fierce, nomadic clans and call themselves “Free Folk.” They believe those south of the wall are intruders who stole their land.

They recognize no political authority and make no claim to own any of the lands on which they live. But their harsh, frigid environment forces them to conduct frequent raids south of the wall for anything they can scavenge.

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Snow is the bastard son of the late Lord Eddard Stark and a steward in the Night’s Watch. He ventured north in Season Two to try to make contact with Mance Rayder (Ciarán Hinds), the King Beyond the Wall. He captures Ygritte and spares her life.

But she’s rescued by her clansmen and turns around and captures him. He gains her confidence and she takes him to Manse’s encampment. They become lovers and Snow must choose between his allegiance to the Night’s Watch and joining the Wildings. He finds them strangely alluring and falls under Ygritte’s spell.

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The six-minute featurette lays out the history of the Wildings, their hierarchy and their way of life. Harington and Leslie provide some of the commentary as well as author George Martin.

“Time to meet the king beyond the wall,” says Ygritte at the opening of the featurette. Before them lies a vast expanse of frozen tundra and a sprawling encampment.

Much of the stuff of legends south of the wall actually exist north of the wall, like giants and walking dead. “Things that have been reduced to legend and history in the southern world are actually living and breathing north of the wall,” says Director and writer D.B. Weiss.

“First time you’ve seen a giant, Jon Snow?” Ygritte says mockingly.

Check out the video below and learn some of the secrets of the Free Folk. Also check out the latest trailer. Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) trains her dragons; King Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) teases a tortured Sansa (Sophie Turner) and Snow gets it on with Ygitte.

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