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Disney's Got the Ticket With Sneak Peek at Planes (watch!)

Disney’s new animated film Planes is ready to fly into theaters in August.

Disney’s new animated feature “Planes” illustrates an iron rule of Hollywood film-making. Once you’ve got a winner start cranking out the clones. The winner, of course, is 2006 movie “Cars.” Watch a new teaser trailer to see how closely Planes flies to the concept.

The premise of both movies is similar. An inanimate object is imbued with human qualities, and frailties, and given a seemingly impossible quest.

In “Cars,” it was getting Lightning McQueen back to the race track. In “Planes,” it’s getting Dusty to the air races. But both animated characters carried some baggage. Lightning was tired of the limelight. Dusty is afraid of heights.

But don’t let the similarities frighten you. Sometimes familiarity breeds more than contempt. In the case of “Cars,” and it’s sequel “Cars 2,” it generated nearly $1 billion in box office gross, not to mention the spin-off revenue from toys an other merchandise.

With numbers like that, why not freshen up the concept by taking it to the skies. To get back in the race, Dusty recruits a tough but lovable naval aviator who helps rebuild his confidence. Finally, Dusty is ready to take on the defending champ.

Dusty is voiced by Dane Cook. In the teaser, he’s shown soaring with two hot jet fighters; forget the fact that he’s a lowly crop-dusting plane. The movie looks like it was designed to showcase its 3D effects. (Higher ticket prices!)

“Disney’s Planes” hits theaters on Aug. 9, 2013. Check out the teaser clip below and be sure to follow TheImproper on twitter for the latest movie updates.

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