Entourage's Ari Gold and the star of the movie, Pinkberry.

Entourage's Ari Gold and the star of the movie, Pinkberry.

Take one part “Jerry McGuire,” one part “Entourage” one part Les Grossman and add a dash of Hollywood reality and this Internet spoof is what you’d get. It pulls back the curtain on the blowhards and egomaniacs behind the scenes in Tinseltown.

The movie spoof was produced by Hollywood talent agency WME, but Mike Fleming of Deadlinehollywood unearthed it and posted it on YouTube.

It’s quickly going viral.

The agency often puts together presentations for its quarterly meetings, according to Fleming. Supposedly the video was never meant to go beyond the confines of WME’s offices. But do you believe that?

The short was directed by Dave Green, and the Ari Gold character from Entourage is played by Miles Fisher.

WME agents include Dave Wirtschafter, Rob Carlson, Kim Bilek, Simon Faber, Jason Spitz, David Karp and David Lubliner. Plus a Rob Cohen cameo.

All of them are nameless and faceless when it comes to Hollywood glitterati, but schmucks like these often wield way too much influence on what gets made.

As you can see, it exaggerates the Hollywood’s worst stereotypes, and its underlying greed. What’s really funny, however, are the comments on the deadline Web site.

Say what you will, it’s funny. Check out the video: