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Ryan Gosling Takes Sadistic Turn in New 'Only God Forgives' Trailer

Ryan Gosling teams up again with Nicolas Winding Refn for Only God Forgives.

Ryan Gosling, an Englishman in Bankok who is a brutal crime syndicate boss, is featured in a new red band trailer for “Only God Forgives.” His latest collaboration with Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn takes film violence to a new level.

The eerie, neo-noir crime fantasy movie kicks off when Jenna, the mother of Gosling’s character, Julian, demands that he track down the people responsible for killing his brother.

He plunges into his cruel, sadistic world with aplomb. Nothing seems to faze him, not the brutality of his Thai fight club, the ruthless drug lords he confronts or his own shockingly cruel behavior.

The clip opens with Jenna, a ruthless Mafia godmother played by Kristin Scott Thomas, alone in a darkened room. She’s muses how she knew right from the start during her pregnancy that Julian was different and strange.

“They wanted me to terminate, but I wouldn’t,” she says in an eerie voice over, as the camera zooms in on her face.

The scene cuts to a long hallway as Julian karate chops a man to the floor and grabs him by the mouth. He drags him down the floor like he’s taking out the garbage. The clip is a total visual trip through the Bangkok’s nightlife district, where apparently anything goes.

Refn has said in interviews that he was inspired by old westerns, but wanted to make the film in an exotic, modern-day location with a modern cowboy hero. Gosling and Refn are best known for their neo-noir crime drama “Drive,” and “Only God Forgives” looks to be an extension of his film style.

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