Bruce Willis Red-2Bruce Willis and his team of over-the-hill spies are back at it in a new trailer for “Red 2,” the sequel to the 2010 film “RED,” which to the uninitiated means “retired and extremely dangerous.” Say what you will, but baby boomers still have market clout.

The movie targets the over-50 set, since most of the main characters are over that age.

Yet Willis and co-stars John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker and Helen Mirren are still capable of breaking enough heads to attract a younger audience. The new trailer for the comedy-action sequel highlights a lot of the fast-pace action.

The first film grossed a shade under $200 million with about half of that coming from the domestic market. Not bad for a film with a $58 million budget. So a sequel seem more than worthy.

The latest picture enlists Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones. He plays the villain Edward Bradley, a rogue nuclear scientist who has clues to the whereabouts of a hidden nuclear bomb in Moscow.

Zeta-Jones, the fetching youngster at 43, plays a spy who has designs on Willis’s character. She and Mary Louise Parker, another youngster at 48, play competing love interests.

The film is schedule for release July 19 when geezers will be seeking relief from the heat in movie theaters. A great way to spend an afternoon.

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