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Leonardo DiCaprio Rides Herd on Hollywood's New Mavericks 4

Leonardo DiCaprio Rides Herd on Hollywood’s New Mavericks

Leonardo DiCaprio leads a list of Hollywood movers and shakers who are breaking the mold to make pictures they believe in, even if it means actors become directors and writers and directors become moguls to make things happen. These are the Hollywood mavericks, according to Details magazine. The magazine slices and dices the list into categories: “The Survivors” (Andrew Rannells, Chris Messina); the “Career Opportunists” (Colfer, Lauren Miller, Josh Radnor, Brit Marling); “The Next Big Thing (comedian Rebel Wilson); “The Idea Man” (John Krasinski) and “The Directors” (Ariel Vromen, Mark Webber, Fred Savage, Max Winkler, Lake Bell)....
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