Kaia Gerber Sweet 16, Sensual for Lagerfeld


Kaia Gerber is wasting no time getting back into fashion. She caused an uproar at 10 for sexualized poses for Versace. Now, she’s stepping out for Karl Lagerfeld, even though at 16, she’s yet to reach the age of consent.

(Photo: Karl x Kaia)

Kaia Gerber Sweet 16 Farewell
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Kaia Gerber-Ikonik-lagerfeld06 ThumbKaiaGerber-Ikonik-lagerfeld05 ThumbKaiaGerber-Ikonik-lagerfeld04 ThumbKaiaGerber-Ikonik-lagerfeld03 ThumbKaiaGerber-Ikonik-lagerfeld02 ThumbKaiaGerber-Ikonik-lagerfeld01 ThumbKaiaGerber-Ikonik-lagerfeld12 ThumbKaiaGerber-Ikonik-lagerfeld11 ThumbKaiaGerber-Ikonik-lagerfeld10 ThumbKaiaGerber-Ikonik-lagerfeld09 ThumbKaiaGerber-Ikonik-lagerfeld08 ThumbKaiaGerber-Ikonik-lagerfeld07 Thumb