Lady Gaga debuted another song, Venus' from her upcoming album ARTPOP. (Photo: Twitter)

Lady Gaga debuted another song, Venus’ from her upcoming album ARTPOP. (Photo: Twitter)

Lady Gaga rolled out another song, “Venus,” from her upcoming album ARTPOP. It’s a driving dance tune featuring the goddess of love. Although it’s decidedly different, it still evokes Madonna’s 1990 song “Vogue.”

It could just be the way Gaga interjects the word “Venus,” in the song and how much it sounds like a similar interjection, “Vogue,” in Madonna’s song.

Nah, it’s just our imagination. Then again, the beat seems eerily similar, too. But yet it’s different enough for Gaga to claim originality. Let’s just say it’s “Madonna-esque,” as much of Gaga’s music is, rather than a Madonna rip-off.

Gaga said she plans to release on new track a week leading up to the release of ARTPOP on Nov. 6. “Venus” is the fourth song from the album. She has officially released “Applause,” “Aura,” and “Do What U Want,” featuring R. Kelly.

Check out the song below and let us know your thoughts. Feel free to call us crazy for the Madonna connection. And follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest music news.

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