UK singing sensation Charlotte Church is trying to launch a comeback with a new album and a hot new body — and she’s only 24! Church was spoiled by early success and went through a bout of teen rebellion that sidetracked her budding career. But there is no denying her talent.

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Church became an international sensation at 14, when she performed opera in London’s Oxford Street. But her career goes back even further than that. She sang on UK television when she was 11.

She performed for the Queen, Pope John Paul II and then-President Bill Clinton, and her first album, Voice Of An Angel in 1998, sold more than a million copies worldwide.

But she did not handle fame well. Her imperious behavior, bouts of drunkeness and bad attitude soured her fans.

Despite her young age, Church has already had two children. She recently split from fiancé Gavin Henson, and now the Welsh singer is showing off her new figure.

She’s using a high-fashion photo shoot to help launch her new album Back To Scratch.

“The decision to come back to work after I had babies and stuff, I was a bit scared – but music and singing is what I do and I don’t think I’ll ever lose my passion for it at all,” she told the UK edition of Marie Claire.

‘I’m a little bit nervous that it’s not too far away from what I used to do. My classical voice is still there.

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“But now we’re just trying to focus on creating a sound and I hope it will be a sound that everybody enjoys.”

Church moved from classical music to pop five years ago with her album, Tissues And Issues. The album, however, did not sell well. By then, Church had a reputation for bad behavior.

Back To Scratch is due Nov. 1.