Katy Perry, Hot Sister Frolic in New 'Part of Me' Trailer (watch!) 1Katy Perry gives fans a glimpse of what it’s like during downtime on tour. She released a new clip from her concert film showing her hanging out with her sister Angela Hudson.

Hudson, 29, bears a striking resemblance to the singer, and the two appear remarkably close in the segment from Katy’s feature film and documentary “Part of Me.”

“We always kind of had this deal that when [Katy] made it big, I was going to work with her and we were going to be together,” says her sister, who uses the familly’s last name.

“My sister, not only does she like to work hard on tour, [but] she likes to play hard on tour,” says Angela. “Any time we go to a city where we have a day off, she always likes me to explore something fun with her.”

Perry, 27, her sister and a brother David had a strict religious upbringing. Their parents, Keith and Mary Hudson are pastors.

“A lot of people have a lot of ideas about me, but this is a film that I made for myself, for my fans … so that they can get the all-access pass. And I’ve never been this revealing,” said Katy about the movie.

“I think people will feel like they are experiencing it through my eyes … like it’s from exactly my point of view,” she said.

Check out the clip below.

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