Charli XCS, Troye Sivan Trip on 1999 Video

“I think by far my favorite was when we recreated Jack and Rose from Titanic. Just because it was so surreal and I literally could not stop laughing throughout filming it. It was completely hilarious, [Troye] dressed as Leo and me with my arms stretched out in a red wig and, like, a shawl and a wind machine… That was definitely a moment I was like, “What the f— is my job, it’s so crazy,” she told E! News.

“Watching Troye become Eminem was pretty amazing too. He’s such a great actor and such a great sport. He really went all in for it. And my personal favorite was dressing up as Steve Jobs, just because it’s quite the polar opposite of what I wear or look like in everyday life. So that was really fun, to have short hair and wear a polo neck and glasses. I mean, the whole video is basically providing Halloween inspo for everybody who watches it. So, you’re welcome, world.