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Justin Bieber Inks New Tattoo; Leg Now Religious Shrine

Justin Bieber is devoting more skin to Jesus. Now word yet on how Jews for Justin are taking this, but the teen sensation was spotted with another sign of the Lord on his leg over the weekend. The tat is a well-known Christian symbol, a pair of hands clasp together in prayer. It compliments a tattoo portrait of Jesus himself on his left calf....
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Kristen Stewart First Look as Vampire in Breaking Dawn 2

Kristen Stewart puts in those nasty amber contact lenses and transforms into a vampire like her love Robert Pattinson in a new clip from Breaking Dawn, Part2. It’s the first look at Bella after Part 1 ended with her transformation. Bella’s husband Edward Cullen was forced to turn her into a blood sucker after she was on the verge of dying during childbirth. The first movie ended with Bella opening her amber-colored eyes....
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Chloe Moretz, 15, Like Moscow Doll in Max Mara (photos!)

Chloe Moretz, all of 15, is suddenly looking very grown up in a new campaign for Max Mara. The fashion brand named her the "Face of the Future," and splashed a sexually provocative photo spread of the young star. It hardly seems that long ago when Moretz was a precocious 13-year-old, c-word spouting, ball buster in the 2010 black comedy "Kick Ass." Of course that was way back in junior high school....
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Johnny Depp Plays Savage Tonto in Lone Ranger (photo)

Johnny Depp’s controversial film, “The Lone Ranger,” will at least be one thing–highly visual. A new set photo showing Depp as Lone Ranger sidekick, Tonto, suggests a Tim Burtonesque look and feel. Depp, 48, who is known for creating colorful characters like Capt. Jack Sparrow and the Mad Hatter, has done the same with Tonto, who looks totally savage....
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Selena Gomez Pulls a Miley Cyrus in Braless Halter Top (photos!)

Selena Gomez went a little too casual while she was visiting St. Petersburg, Fla. She nearly fell out of her top while going braless on an outing with friends. Shades of Miley Cyrus. Gomez has mostly kept her act pg-rated since she left Disney and her show “Wizards of Waverly Place.” She recently ramped up her sexuality on stage with more risque Vegas style costumes and streaky blue and purple hair....
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The Avengers New Trailer: Team Unites to Save Earth (watch!)

The Avengers don’t play nice togther, but play they must to save the world. A new extended trailer shows the team, which includes, Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Thor and other superheroes fighting each other as much as the enemy. All is not well on earth. “War has started, and we are hopelessly outgunned,” says Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson....
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Jennifer Lawrence the New Kristen Stewart in Hunger Games (watch!)

Jennifer Lawrence could be the next Kristen Stewart. Hunger Games fans are hungry for tickets to the movie’s debut next month. Tickets went on sale this week and are flying out as fast as Katniss’s arrows. Lionsgate, which just bought Twilight studio Summit Entertainment, is hoping to score just as big with the action-adventure fantasy. And so far, it appears to be on target....
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Sacha Baron Cohen Lampoons Oscars Over Dictator Ban (watch!)

Sacha Baron Cohen is playing the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences like a yo-yo for banning him from appearing at the Oscars in his latest guise as Admiral General Aladeen, the focus of his picture “The Dictator.” He also zings Hollywood in the process. Cohen released a video today (Feb. 24) in character, lambasting the Academy for taking away the dictator’s tickets and not nominating any films from his country, Wadiya....
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Andrew Garfield Hit by Spider-Man Fans; New Clip Drops (watch!)

Andrew Garfield came under fire from Spider-Man fans as the new webslinger, but a fresh look at the British actor in his guise as Peter Parker may chill them out until the movie arrives this summer. A new teaser clip shows Garfield in action. Toby McGuire starred in three Spider-Man movies, with Kirsten Dunst. The fourth Columbia film, directed by Marc Webb, will be a total departure from the Sam Raimi-directed movies....
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Robert Pattinson Dazzled in Bel Ami Berlin Spotlight (video)

“Twilight” hunk Robert Pattinson wowed fans on the red carpet in a tailored dark suit at the premiere of “Bel Ami’ in Berlin. He also deftly handled questions at his news conference. Both were captured on video. Check them out. The dashing 6’1″ Rob was accompanied on the red carpet by his Bel Ami co-stars Holliday Grainger and Christina Ricci on day 9 of the Berlin Film Festival....
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Gleek Alert! Chris Colfer Struck By Lightning Trailer Out (watch!)

“Glee’s” Chris Colfer heads to the big screen in “Struck by Lightning,” but judging from a newly released trailer he doesn’t stray too far from his Gleek roots. He plays a high school student, a subject he obviously knows well. Colfer’s character, Carson Phillips, gets killed by lightning and spends the film looking back on his life and some of the things he did in high school to get into a journalism school....

Robert Pattinson: Kim Kardashian a Modern Bel Ami (photos)

Robert Pattinson could really see himself as a journalist. After playing one in his latest film "Bel Ami," he says he kind of likes the idea, especially when it comes to gossip. But his character is more like a 19th century reality TV star. As one of the most gossiped about stars in Hollywood, thanks to his secretive relationship with Kristen Stewart and his role in "Twilight," it seems like an odd observation. But he sees intriguing parallels with today....

Taylor Swift Takes Soulful Walk in Hunger Games Video (watch!)

Taylor Swift talks a walk through woods and meadows in a video of the haunting lead single, “Safe & Sound” from the soundtrack for “The Hunger Games,” a movie about life and death in a strange post-apocalyptic land. The video debuted today (Feb. 14) Valentine’s Day on MTV. Swift picked up a couple of Grammy’s for her song “Mean” over the weekend, and keeps the momentum going with the release of clip....
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Robert Pattinson in Bel Ami; 12 Full Minutes of Film (watch!)

Robert Pattinson cuts a dashing figure in “Bel Ami.” He’s part rogue, part dashing man about tow. With the film premiering in Berlin this week, a new clip has gown viral with almost 12 minutes of the movie. All if it Rob. The adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s 19th century novel about Rob’s character, George Duroy, is significant because the role is a marked departure from almost anything else Rob has done, including the “Twilight” series....
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Abraham Lincoln Hacks Vampires in New Tim Burton Film (watch!)

Abraham Lincoln slayed many dragons in his life, including slavery, but vampires? In a new trailer for Tim Burton’s “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer,” the 16th president makes mince meat of the Cullen clan in the woods of Ohio. The movie, the latest to capitalize on the nation’s obsession with vampires, is premised on newly discovered diaries of Lincoln as a youth growing up in the Midwest....
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Jeremy Renner Matches Matt Damon in New Bourne Trailer (watch!)

Matt Damon is gone, but Jeremy Renner tries to pick up where he left off in the latest in the “Bourne” film series. Judging from a new trailer, Renner doesn’t miss a beat. He looks right for the part. Damon starred in the first three films, “The Bourne Identity (2002)” “The Bourne Supremacy (2004)” and “The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)” as Jason Bourne. But producers were left in a quandary when he dropped out of the planned fourth film....
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Robert Pattinson Shows Brutal Side in Bel Ami Clip (watch!)

Robert Pattinson bears his fangs, but not like his “Twilight” vampire character Edward Cullen. He shows a cruel and unrelenting said in a scene with Kristen Scott Thomas in “Bel Ami.” The film is days away from its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, and bits and pieces of the picture appear to be leaking on the Internet ahead of the showing....
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