Good Morning America

Steven Tyler F-Bomb Rattles Al Roker, Today Show (Watch!)

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler knows how to jerk someone’s chain. The iconic rock band appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” this morning (Nov. 2) and Tyler had some fun with hosts Matt Lauer, Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie. Tyler has been around a television set long enough to know what he’s doing. He recently wrapped up a stint as a judge on Fox’s “American Idol,” where he mostly minded his manners. But the “Today Show” was a different matter. The impish Tyler and bandmates were sitting in the studio before their performance, when the camera cut to them and Tyler hollered: “Good morning, America!”...

Demi Lovato at Top of Her Game on GMA (watch!)

Demi Lovato has come a long way since her breakdown in 2010 and demonstrated on ABC’s “Good Morning America” that she’s on top of her game with a rousing performance in its summer concert series. Lovato, 19, another former Disney star who is trying to transition to an adult career, talked openly about her struggle with eating disorders and depression....
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Does Matt Lauer Have B*lls to OK Natalie Morales for Today?

Matt Lauer’s wife Annette may be the real power behind the throne in determining who will replace Ann Curry on the sofa next to Matt on NBC’s “Today Show.” Although Matt is considered the franchise–he just signed a new $25 million-a-year contract– his wife has reportedly threatened to divorce him if Natalie Morales is his choice for the TV hot seat....

Howard Stern Lip Smacks Matt Lauer on Today (watch!)

Howard Stern is pretty genuflecting for someone who claims to be the King of all media. He jumped on Matt Lauer’s lap and planted a big kiss on the Today Show host’s cheek, in a show of, well, cheeky affection. But, hey, anything for ratings. The “Today Show” is locked in a heated battle with ABC rival “Good Morning America,” something Stern was all too aware of....
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Obama Makes History Voices Support for Gay Marriage

President Obama made history again today (May 9), becoming the first sitting U.S. president to endorse the right of gay couples to get married and have the same legal rights as heterosexual couples. In a sense, Obama was following not leading on the issue, since public opinion is mostly in favor of recognizing gay marriage. The issue has been a top priority for gay rights groups for years....

Jon Stewart Hilarious on Sarah Palin’s Today Foray (watch!)

Matt Lauer and crew at NBC’s “Today Show” thought they were pulling a fast one when Sarah Palin co-hosted the show the same day that Katie Couric was debuted on rival “Good Morning America.” “The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart didn’t find it amusing. “Seriously, seriously…It’s the Today Show,” Stewart bellowed in a hilarious send up of the notion. Clearly the Today show was running scared and has no shame....

Lady Gaga Soars in Grand GMA Concert Kick Off (watch!)

Lady Gaga put the Broadway show Spiderman to shame by executing a picture perfect landing from a zip line onto her Central Park stage to kick off “Good Morning America’s” 2011 Summer Concert series. Already hard to top, she out did herself this time. The Broadway show actors also use suspension devices and zip lines to perform Spiderman-like feats over the audience. But it’s been plagued by accidents....
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