Ann Hornaday Finds an Ally for Mass Murder Movie Link... Rush Limbaugh  2

Ann Hornaday Finds an Ally for Mass Murder Movie Link… Rush Limbaugh

Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post film critic widely criticized for suggesting Elliot Rodger went on a murder spree because of frat boy movies, has at least one media ally, ultra-conservative talking head Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh drew a connection between the murders at the University of California Santa Barbara and the movie “Hunger Games.” On his syndicated radio show, Limbaugh pointed out that Elliot’s father Peter Roger worked as an assistant director on the first movie in the series. ...
Hollywood In Uproar After Film Critic Links Mass Murder to Movies 4

Hollywood In Uproar After Film Critic Links Mass Murder to Movies

Seth Rogan and much of Hollywood are raking Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday over the coals for claiming that mass murderer Elliot Rodger is a product of Hollywood’s male-dominated culture and the “sexist, misogynistic” movies it produces. There’s nothing new or original about that. It’s an old saw that gets taken out of the barn anytime a convenient scapegoat is needed to explain something. Hornaday, a government major at Smith College and a Pulitzer finalist in criticism, should know better. ...
MTV Movie Awards 2014 Live Stream: Watch It Here (live video!) 8

MTV Movie Awards 2014 Live Stream: Watch It Here (live video!)

The MTV Movie Awards airs tonight (Apr 13) are celebrities will be arriving on the red carpet in the most scintillating dresses and gowns. You can watch all the live action here via live stream! This year Emma Stone is everybody’s sweetheart. She stars in the latest Spider-Man installment with her off-screen boyfriend Andrew Garfield. Shailene Woodley, from this year’s hit movie “Divergent,” will also be there. Presenters include Zac Efron, Lupita Nyong’o, Jared Leto and Jessica Alba....
Why Divergent, Hunger Games & Superhero Films Appeal to So Many 10

Why Divergent, Hunger Games & Superhero Films Appeal to So Many

“Divergent,” about a rebellious teen who fights the system in her dystopian world, cleaned up at the box office this weekend just like “The Hunger Games,” which explores similar themes about powerless multitudes rebelling against the all-powerful. But movies are so-so, but, frankly, almost any superhero movie these days is automatic box office bank. That’s because the people who are going to see these movies, 25- to 34-year-olds, are part of the least powerful and most disenfranchised generation since the Great Depression of the 1930s....
Kristen Stewart Vampire Beautiful at 'On the Road' Premiere (photos!) 18

Kristen Stewart Vampire Beautiful at ‘On the Road’ Premiere (photos!)

Kristen Stewart looked like she could put a vampire bite on someone at the Vanity Fair screening for her new film “On the Road.” She wore a super chic outfit that was casual but still fashionable, from her tight leather pants to her flame red lipstick. She capped off her outfit with a gray and black blazer, and drew comparisons to her hot vampire character in “Breaking Dawn, Part 2.” Stewart, 22, has been putting extra effort into promoting the indie film and some have speculated that it could land her an Oscar nod....
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Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson MTV Kiss King, Queen, Again!

“Twilight” stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have kept their on-screen chemistry at the boiling point. They won best-onscreen kiss at the MTV Movie Awards for the fourth year in a row. It was their only award. They aced out Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2″), Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams in “The Vow.”...
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Prometheus Extended Trailer Out; First Plot Reveals! (watch)

Ridley Scott personally introduced a new extended trailer for “Prometheus,” his widely anticipated return to science fiction. The clip shows new footage and, for the first time, includes dialogue that provides clues to the movie’s mysterious plot. The 2:32 clip was unveiled today (Mar. 18) at the WonderCon convention in Anaheim, Calif. Scott was joined by co-writer Damon Lindelof and stars Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender, to introduce the new trailer....
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Sacha Baron Cohen Lampoons Oscars Over Dictator Ban (watch!)

Sacha Baron Cohen is playing the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences like a yo-yo for banning him from appearing at the Oscars in his latest guise as Admiral General Aladeen, the focus of his picture “The Dictator.” He also zings Hollywood in the process. Cohen released a video today (Feb. 24) in character, lambasting the Academy for taking away the dictator’s tickets and not nominating any films from his country, Wadiya....
Kirsten Dunst Makes Sci-Fi Love Upside Down in New Trailer (watch!) 22

Kirsten Dunst Makes Sci-Fi Love Upside Down in New Trailer (watch!)

Kirsten Dunst is becoming a doyenne of exotic science fiction with her latest turn in “Upside Down,” a bizarre film about mirror worlds that are so close yet so very far apart, according to a new trailer. Can she bridge the gap? Dunst stars as Eve to Jim Sturgess’s Adam. They occupy the adjoining but separate worlds. A childhood flirtation threatens to upend their universe when Adam struggles to find Eve as grownups....
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