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Katy Perry Adds Pop-Star Cool to Adidas Sportswear (watch!)

Katy Perry joins mostly athletes in the latest campaign to promote Adidas sportswear. The singer takes the clothes outside the realm of athletics and tries to make the company’s tracksuits and shoes pop-star cool. Perry wears bright pink Adidas tracksuit pants and a midriff baring sports training bra in some of the shots for the “Adidas is all in” campaign. In others, she’s photographed jogging along a beach boardwalk in California with friends....

Hugh Hefner Slams GOP, Calls for New Sexual Revolution

Hugh Hefner won't go quietly into that good night. Not when Republicans are trashing everything he's fought for during his career. Well, the only thing, really... sexual freedom. The Hedonist in Chief, who's pioneering magazine opened the door to sexual freedom, and yes, women's liberation, issued a stirring sexual manifesto in the pages of his aging, if iconic magazine. He lambastes the GOP's "war against sex."...
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Mary J. Blige Pulls a Whopper for Burger King (watch!)

Singer Mary J. Blige is caught in a whopper of a controversy. African-American groups are criticizing her ad for Burger King, claiming it is beneath the “Queen of Hip Hop Soul.” The chain has pulled the ad, but not for the obvious reason. Web site MadameNoire, which is orient toward black women wrote an open letter to the singer, calling her fast food ad “buffoonish."...

Matt Lauer Loses Cool With Bill O’Reilly Over Whitney Houston (watch!)

Bill O’Reilly jerked Matt Lauer’s chain on the Today Show with his circular logic and selective use of the facts. He claimed drug addiction, like homosexuality, can be “cured” because people have free will. Sadly Matt lost his cool because O’Reilly counts on that. But what’s he supposed to do when someone like O’Reilly makes bald assertions and acts as if he’s speaking universal truths....
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Jennifer Aniston Pregnant? Fake Tabloid Stories on Rise

Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux are reportedly expecting twins, according to a tabloid report that is undoubtedly fake. Why are tabloids cheating by making up the news? The latest report on Aniston’s supposed pregnancy, there literally have been dozens, comes from Star magazine. It claims an “insider” has revealed that the actress spent $500,000 to add a nursery to her $21 million Bel Air mansion....
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Sausage Blooper Anchor Goes Viral; Here’s Who She Is!

Lisa Dutton has become almost universally known as the “sausage blooper anchor woman,” thanks to a YouTube video rapidly going viral. Most sites running the video don’t identify her. But here’s the background on the Internet phenom. Dutton got her big break when she became morning news anchor at the local Saskatoon, Canada television station last December. But she apparently got up a little too early one morning to report on a kielbasa eating contest....

Irina Shayk Disses ‘No Class’ Lindsay Lohan, Playboy (photos)

Irina Shayk, one of the world's hottest lingerie models, says she would never pose for Playboy, taking an indirect swipe at Lindsay Lohan. Shayk says she has too much "class." Lohan posed for Playboy and was featured in the January issue in a spread that paid tribute to Marilyn Monroe, the magazine’s first nude cover model. She revealed that Hugh Hefner offered her a bundle to pose naked, but says she spurned him....
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