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Jon Stewart Hilarious on Sarah Palin's Today Foray (watch!) 2

Jon Stewart Hilarious on Sarah Palin’s Today Foray (watch!)

Matt Lauer and crew at NBC’s “Today Show” thought they were pulling a fast one when Sarah Palin co-hosted the show the same day that Katie Couric was debuted on rival “Good Morning America.” “The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart didn’t find it amusing. “Seriously, seriously…It’s the Today Show,” Stewart bellowed in a hilarious send up of the notion. Clearly the Today show was running scared and has no shame....
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Kirk Cameron Gay Slur: What's All The Fuss About?

Kirk Cameron is going through a few growing pains of his own. He ignited a firestorm of criticism after he took a strictly Biblical view of homosexuality during an interview, calling gay marraige “unnatural” and “ultimately destructive” to civilization. The comments, during an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, drew an immediate rebuke from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and a broader outcry through social media sites. He finally addressed the controversy on the “Today Show.”...
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Whitney Houston Last Days Filled With Hope, Despair

Whitney Houston was determined to turn her life and career around, while she battled with gnawing insecurity and an addictive personality that ultimately spelled doom for the 48-year-old music icon. In the days since her death Feb. 11, from what likely will be a combination of alcohol and drug abuse, the last days of her life are slowly being pieced back together by those close to her....
Matt Lauer Loses Cool With Bill O'Reilly Over Whitney Houston (watch!) 4

Matt Lauer Loses Cool With Bill O’Reilly Over Whitney Houston (watch!)

Bill O’Reilly jerked Matt Lauer’s chain on the Today Show with his circular logic and selective use of the facts. He claimed drug addiction, like homosexuality, can be “cured” because people have free will. Sadly Matt lost his cool because O’Reilly counts on that. But what’s he supposed to do when someone like O’Reilly makes bald assertions and acts as if he’s speaking universal truths....
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