Broadway veteran Alexa Green will reprise a variety of tunes in  a solo show at 54 Below. (Photo: Alexa Green)

Broadway veteran Alexa Green will reprise a variety of tunes in a solo show at 54 Below. (Photo: Alexa Green)

Alexa Green, best known for two West Coast productions of Wicked (she played Glinda) and a veteran of several Broadway productions here in New York City, will launch her new solo show “A Shining Hour” at 54 Below in Manhattan.

She’s worked with Stephen Sondheim and Director Mitchell Walker, who helped put together the new show.

It includes her renditions of songs by Mariah Carey, Harold Arlen and Carole King among others.

The Improper exclusively spoke to Green during a rehearsal for her debut Thurs. (Sept. 11) at 9:30pm.

TheImproper: How did you get into Broadway?

Green: Both my parents were musicians, so there was always music around. They both supported me terrifically. My aunt was best friends with veteran Broadway vocal coach, Joan Lader. So, it was bound to happen.

IM: What was it like working alongside Neil Patrick Harris and Patti Lupone in Stephen Sondheim’s Company?

Green: Getting to be in the company of such great actors like Neil and Patti was a master class. Standing alongside them and telling this cheeky, grownup story and singing this complicated, complex music was beyond my wildest dreams. Getting to sing with the greats, Sondheim, Lonny Price and Paul Gemignani was a check off my bucket list for sure.

IM: Tell us a bit about your show, A Shining Hour, which you’ll be debuting in New York City?

Green: A Shining Hour is my moment to explore a truth that every performer knows … being good enough isn’t good enough. My hope is that you’ll walk away knowing who I am, with a sense of my heart and soul.

IM: How great was it to be in Wicked, which has distinguished itself as a first-class musical?

Green: Wicked was a dream come true. I had watched Kristin Chenoweth come down in the bubble when I was in high school and thought one day I wanted to do that. It was a beautiful moment.

IM: Tell us some of the other songs in your show…

Green: The material I chose resonates with where I’ve been and where I’m going. It sorts through a catalog of songs ranging from Harold Arlen to Mariah Carey, with brand new personal funky and sexy arrangements by the incomparable Dylan Glatthorn.

IM: Tell us about Mitchell Walker?

Green: Mitchell is my best friend and my director. He was my classmate at CCM and is a creative genius of sorts. He is basically a musical theatre encyclopedia and knows me inside and out. I am so proud to have him be a part of the project.

IM: Tell us about your role of evil sexpot villain Jarles Jarwin in Jump Man; a Mario Musical currently running at the 2014 New York Fringe Festival Encore Series.

Green: Jarles Jarwin was originally written for a man but the creatives (sic) wanted to see my take on the role. I get to play a total high-fashion, bombshell villain who wants to create hell on earth. It’s pretty much the most fun I’ve ever had! You’ll have to come see the show (which won best musical!).

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