Bruce Willis has picked an  auspicious time to make his Broadway debut. He'll star in an adaptation of Stephen King's 'Misery' at the tender age of 59. (Photo: Getty)

Bruce Willis has picked an auspicious time to make his Broadway debut. He’ll star in an adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Misery’ at the tender age of 59. (Photo: Getty)

Bruce Willis is an oldie, but a newbie when it comes to Broadway. At 59, he’s making his stage debut in an new adaptation of Stephen King’s 1987 book “Misery,” which was also made into an Oscar-winning, 1990 film.

He’ll be joined on stage by “House of Cards” actress Elizabeth Marvel, 45, for an all Hollywood production.

William Goldman, a two-time Oscar winner, will be crafting the script. He also wrote the screenplay for the 1990 psychological thriller, starring James Caan and Kathy Bates.

Bates won an Oscar for her portrayal of Annie Wilkes, an over-zealous fan of Caan’s character, mystery writer Paul Sheldon.

A car accident on a snowy road in Colorado brings them together. Sheldon’s car goes off the road near Wilkes’ remote cabin and she finds him in a fierce snow storm.

They become snowed in and Wilkes reveals she’s his “No. 1 fan.” She nurses him back to health, but becomes enraged when she discovers that Sheldon kill off her favorite character, Misery Chastain, in his newest book.

She decides to hold him hostage and forces him to write another novel to bring Misery back to life. In the process, he discovers that she is a disturbed psychopath with an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

She thwarts his efforts to escape by drugging him and ultimately breaking both of his ankles with a sledge hammer.

Although Willis is a late arrival on stage, he follows a well-worn path taken by other Hollywood stars.

Two Hollywood marquee names, Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper, are appearing separately in Broadway productions The River and The Elephant Man.

Misery will run for a limited engagement in the fall, other details were unavailable from Warner Bros.

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