Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,  just can’t get into the swing of things. The show, which was in previews, is being delayed for the fourth time to continue working out set problems and also to give one of the principal actors time to recover from an on-stage accident.

That means the official opening of the show is now Feb. 7, another 27 days beyond its previous Jan. 11 opening date.

“Due to some unforeseeable setbacks, most notably the injury of a principal cast member, it has become clear that we need to give the team more time to fully execute their vision,” lead producer Michael Cohl said in a statement Friday.

“I have no intention of cutting a single corner in getting to the finish line,” he added about the $65 million musical, fast becoming one of Broadway’s most expensive productions.

Tony Award-winning director and co-writer Julie Taymor, U2’s Bono and The Edge, who wrote the music, are heading up the creative team.

Technical glitches with the show’s elaborate staging have been behind most of the delays. In the show’s first preview in November, the production had to stop five times because of problems.

Actress Natalie Mendoza, Spider-Man’s evil love interest Arachne, suffered a concussion during the show after a rope hit her in the head.

The show’s massive costs are being attributed to a massive by Broadway standards 41-member cast and 18-member orchestra.

The show also involves 27 daring aerial stunts. Two characters even battle while hanging over the audience.

“This show is so technically ambitious that ironing out the kinks, which sounds so simple, is not simple,” a spokesman told the Associated Press.

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Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Tickets 2011-01-01 New York, NY, Foxwoods Theater

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