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TheImproper is a cutting edge pop culture, arts, entertainment and lifestyle Web magazine based in New York City. It publishes indepth features, daily breaking news, opinion and gossip, dining reviews, and listings for the city’s best events. Coverage focuses on theater, film, celebrities, music, art and lifestyle issues. The Improper Online was launched in April 2006.

About TheImproper’s name.

Gentlemen and ladies were once known to be “proper” if they went to the theater and went home without ever associating with artists. Anyone who took a deeper interest in the arts, theater and music was considered “improper.” Thus, TheImproper is dedicated to those who pioneered a deep and abiding love of art, music, theater, film and fashion. Many of our most cherished values also were once considered “improper.” So we’re also dedicated to providing a forum for all expressions to make sure the door to new ideas is never closed.

Our Readership

Our viewers are deeply engaged with entertainment. We cover pop culture, fine arts television, movies, music, theater, fashion, dining and events and galas–in short the kind of information, upscale, active and affluent readers crave. TheImproper audience cuts across all demographics, from 18-24-year-olds (24 percent) to 18-49-year-olds (80 percent), according to Google Analytics. On average, IM’s audience is comprised of 75.3 percent male and 24.7 percent female viewers. In 2017, IM recorded 19,503,969 pageviews and 17,367,113 unique pageviews from 8,694,004 users. (Source: Google Analytics)

To Contact IM, email or call 646-246-4477.

Breakdown of traffic by age.

CPM Advertising Rates (Run of the Site)
ATF Leaderboard 728×90 $155/cpm
ATF Rectangle 300×250 $145/cpm
BTF Rectangle 300×250 $100/cpm
Half Page 300×600 $140/cpm
BTF Leaderboard 728×90 $130/cpm
Leaderboard Footer 728×90 $130/cpm
Anchored Half-Page 300×600 $165/cpm

Advertisers who chose a monthly contract can enjoy significant savings over a CPM rate. When you run monthly you receive unlimited page impressions during the period of the contract.

Monthly Advertising Rates (Run of the Site)
Top Leaderboard 728×90 $6500/mo.
Leaderboard #2 728×90 $5000/mo.
Leaderboard #3 728×90 $3800/mo.
Leaderboard #4 (footer) 728×90 $2800/mo.

TheImproper offers advertisers the unique opportunity to target their ad dollars in sections with exclusive content on the arts, music, theater, film & television, fashion, events & galas and dining. Content adjacency guaranteed! Price includes all above-the-fold positions! Individual units negotiated on a CPM basis.

Target Ad Dollars for Greater Efficiency
Arts Section $500/mo.
Music Section $950/mo.
Theater Section $500/mo.
Film & TV Section $950/mo.
Fashion Section $1950/mo.
Events & Galas $1950/mo.
New York Dining $950/mo.

96.4 percent of traffic originates in the United States.

To Contact IM, email or call 646-246-4477.