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  • Carlos Santana first broke into the big time at Woodstock in 1969. I wasn’t there, but I marveled at his prowess even back then. I’m also struck by how he and his music have remained relevant to this day.

    To tell you how much of a fan I am, I still have never been able to completely grasp the fact that the song “Black Magic Woman,” was written in 1968 by Peter Green, then a mainstay of Fleetwood Mac. But Santana made it a worldwide hit in 1970.

    Go back and listen to the Mac track–it’s pretty awesome, if you ask me.

    Our friends at Eagle Rock Entertainment have just released a two-DVD set from Carlos and the most recent aggregation of his band called Santana: Live at Montreux 2011. The set pretty well captures the entire Santana experience.

    My favorite incarnation of the band was when Alex Ligertwood (from the Brian Auger Oblivion Express, remember them?) sang lead. His vocals on the band’s tracks, “Hold On” and “Winning” are just off the charts.

    The version of the group this time is pretty awesome too. Dennis Chambers on drums is just spectacular. Raul Rekow and Karl Perazzo on vocals are very serviceable, too.

    “Evil Ways,” “Smooth,” Soul Sacrifice,” and “Love, Peace, and Happiness” show you why the band and Carlos’ artistry have endured. I well remember being in a music-lecture when “Smooth” was in the top ten and on every radio. Sirius radio’s Steve Leeds he tried to convince the kids that there was a Santana before “Smooth.”

    I just had to laugh in silence. This Eagle Rock presentation is superb!

    Micky Dolenz Sings, Acts…And Paints!

    Micky Dolenz painting '72 Me'

    The multi-talented Micky Dolenz is more than just a musician and actor. Colm Rowan signed him to an art publishing deal through Image Makers Art and his works are being featured at Scott Segelbaum’s “Classic Rock Art Show.”

    Segelbaum started the show in 1991 with KLSX in Los Angeles to benefit for AIDS Research. It was held at the Directors Guild of America headquarters on Sunset Blvd.

    Dolenz began painting for the show and debuted several pieces that raised substantial sums of money for charity. Currently, the show is featuring two of Micky’s signed artworks, “72 Me” and “Oh-No Zone.”

    The next presentation of the show, in conjunction with WMGK will take place Monday, (Mar 26), at the Gallery at the Montgomery Mall in North Wales, PA, the day after Beatlefest in New Jersey, where Dolenz will be present.

    Names in the News

    Alan Rothstein, Leeds Levy, Deb Caponetta, Bruce Grakal, Heather Moore, Valerie Nome, David Salidor, Keith Girard, Matt Blank, Race Taylor, Robert Funaro, Jane Blunkell, Freddy Bastone, Julian Sundby, Bobbi Dahl, Neal Lawrence,Tony Noto, CFS.