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Lindsay Lohan, Jack White to Tackle Saturday Night Live

Lindsay Lohan is taking another stop in her comeback effort, She's landed a return spot as host on NBC's "Saturday Night Live." She also will have a powerful music guest, Jack White, formerly of the White Stripes. The move will give her a chance to regain control of her image. Since her DUI arrest in 2007 and the string of legal problems that followed, she's been a creature of the tabloids.... Read More...
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Smash So-So, But Katharine McPhee Makes It Worth Watching

As a sometime player in the Broadway follies, I was most excited to finally see NBC’s "Smash" debut last week, after a more-than-relentless series of promotional ploys. I mean, I saw promos, adverts and hype, literally, everywhere. There was even a special premiere at the esteemed Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Executive Producer Steven Spielberg didn't show, but everyone else did. The cast, crew, writers, it was quite the scene.... Read More...